A newborn’s destiny hangs in the balance, as grownups come to terms with what they cannot have.

Student Academy Awards 2012 Finalist
Nashville Film Festival 2013 Best Live Action Short
Foyle Film Festival 2012 Best Short Film
Palm Springs Int’l Shortfest Best Student Live Action Short
Palm Springs Int’l Shortfest 2012 Best Student Film
Austin Film Festival 2012 Best Narrative Student Short
and many more…

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Short Film, Austria 2012, 18:46 min, Arri Alexa
Cast: Tina Keserovic, Vedran Kos, Max Mayer,
Andreas Patton, Peter Faerber and Ursula Strauss

Written by: Karl Goldblat, Christoph Kuschnig
Director of Photography: Felix Striegel
Production Manager: Martin Maier
Editors: Christoph Kuschnig, Brooke Sebold
Production Design: Dominik Freynschlag, Sarah Sassen
Costume Design: Otto Krause
Music composed by: Bernd Dormayer
Sound Design: Michael Plöderl, Bernd Dormayer
Sound: Bernd Dormayer, Michael Schreiber
Make Up: Daniela Schibalsky
Assistant Director: Christian Moritz
Additional Cast: Michael Steinocher, Erika Mottel
Produced by: Kuschnig, Maier, Striegel